We chat again with Dr. Duke Pesta, this time on THE TRUTH ABOUT SIN! We explore gratitude and its historical significance, emphasizing its role in our relationship with God. We discuss self-ownership and how it sets humans apart from animals, as well as the concept of free will and its connection to consciousness. We address the lack of gratitude in society and its impact, and also delve into the issue of sin and Jesus' perspective on it. We discuss the importance of faith, evaluate different ideologies, and highlight the significance of actively loving others. Join the PREMIUM philosophy community on the web for free! Get access to the audiobook for my new book 'Peaceful Parenting,' StefBOT-AI, private livestreams, premium call in shows, and the 22 Part History of Philosophers series! See you soon! https://freedomain.locals.com/support/promo/UPB2022