Hello Stef, I listened to The Present, excellent book, was a roller-coaster, just started listening to The Future Stefan, were the participants of The Milgram Experiments evil or stupid? My friend thinks they were just stupid. I argue that the participants, being human, are evil. Lately I've been telling everyone I have no faith in Man and I don't see anything turning around for the better. They think the opposite: "people are waking up & had enough". Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stef what do you think about possible government disclosure of ET, ufo existence, is it going to have massive implications on religion, education, and philosophy FRACK BEING FIRST! Hi Stef, you mentioned that if a woman/wife withholds sex, then a man/husband reserves the right to withhold resources, but is that really feasible? If the pair are under the same roof, if the husband does not pay the bills he is under threat to have the lights turned off, his credit shot, and he could be on the street. He is only hurting himself. What would be wrong if a man who finds himself in that situation simply seek sex outside of his marriage. What are your thoughts on that? You once said "The mission is to speak the truth as best you can as often as you can." Is that still your mission? I'm incredibly grateful to have listened to you Stef, your lessons have improved my life significantly. It's been a rocky road for you but you have my deepest thanks I used Stef's arguments to get a Christian on LinkedIn to quit spanking his son and now we're friends and he's very thankful for my help (all cred to Stef) you're firstness, and all your great perspectives are so great, BUT, I feel a similar thing. I've talked to so many people about you, paid for their subscriptions, set up a phone call even that you did. I ask them a few months later, and they haven't touched any of your content since. And for no reason really, just "haven't gotten around to it" Drives me mad. Catcher in the Rye Livestream 26 May 2023