In the event of a global financial crisis, Is the United States in a better position to recover since it retains more economic instruments? How does this compare with a country like Russia that has national debt under 15% and domestic energy production, or Japan that has an aged population with national debt over 200%? Hey Stef I’d like to hear what you think on the harm porn does to people and relationships, especially those who are exposed to it from a really young age? Me and my wife are currently holding our parents accountable for the trauma they caused us in our childhood. My Dad has outright ignored me reaching out, my mum did engage but won't accept. My wifes mum won't admit violence but her Dad is admitting he was violent but wants to brush it away. Do you have any advice on how to deal with this situation. Thank you for everything Stef, any advice on dealing with meaninglessness as a struggling student. Thank you so much for sharing knowledge and reason all these years. Today is International Women's Day. It gives me the creeps and makes me angry, and not just because all the stores and businesses are closed here in Berlin. I resent the observance because I feel like it is a case of a privileged class playing the victim. Is the something else about International Women's Day that is at all redeeming? Stef you’ve interviewed people from across the spectrum. From Chomsky to Vox Day. Over the years do any interviewees stick out to you as far as being able to challenge your views? Stef to become an engineer, or doctor etc, how do you think the education path to become an engineer/doctor should be? Why is libertarianism and autism linked ? I saw in Jonathan haidt's work that libertarians have high ability in systematizing, could this be why?