Philosopher Stefan Molyneux engages in a powerful conversation about - well everything to do with love, marriage, dating, politics - from the man's side, and then the woman's... FROM THE MAN: Hello Stefan! I'm 26 years old and have found the woman of my dreams. She's a beautiful, virtuous, intelligent, reasonable, woman who I would love to marry and spend the rest of my life with. However, I don't have the economic means to meet her expectations for marriage and raising a family. I struggle severely to succeed economically because of a specific condition: I'm an illegal immigrant. This makes it extremely difficult to function in life, both economically and morally, and I would appreciate some philosophical guidance on how I can become an economically successful man within the next few years. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of moving out on my own, and it's been hell to survive. Every bit of income I've earned has been through lies and deception, and I'm working low-end jobs in restaurants that don't fulfill me and won't accomplish my goals in providing for my family. I worry that my late start and lack of skills in the real world will cause me to be too slow in my career progression, even if I fix my status as an illegal immigrant. What can I do, given my situation as an illegal immigrant, to succeed in the marketplace, prove to the woman I love I can provide for the family, and raise a family well? Then, his girlfriend called in, and we heard HER side!