Summary: 0:00 to 16:50 are mini-topics from the chat. 16:50 to 45:43 is the Harry/Meghan/Diana discussion. 45:43 to 47:16 is the mini-rant on children being called "resilient". 47:16 to 51:00 are mini-topics from the chat. 51:00 to 56:53 is Caller 1 asking about Dragon dictation software as well as Stef's writing practices. 56:53 to 1:01:27 are mini-topics from the chat (included here at 58:26 is Stef's love for the woods). 1:01:27 to 1:16:05 is Caller 2 asking about the man who killed several children at a kindergarten. 1:16:05 to 1:18:34 are mini-topics from the chat. 1:18:34 until the end is Caller 3 asking about cognitive behavioral therapy in relationship to his son's "ticking" behavior, ending with a long discussion of the power of women's ability to choose men. Free Documentaries: Freedomain NFTs: Free novel: ▶️ Donate Now: ▶️ Sign Up For Our Newsletter: