A powerful, harrowing conversation into the heart of darkness of human evil. From child molestation to human trafficking - these are the devils who prey upon the vulnerable, and this is one victim's story. Listen to this conversation, and you will never be the same. Dear Stefan: I am a survivor of human trafficking with complex PTSD in a long term relationship. I have a hard time communicating especially when my emotions (fight or flight) are triggered due to the abuse I suffered in my past relationships starting at the age of 4. My partner and I are constantly experiencing miscommunication. As soon as I feel unheard or invalid (whether that was the intention or not; 99% not the case) I have a very difficult time remembering the details of the conversation and keeping it all straight in my head. I want to be better at communicating it just feels like we are always bumping heads. How can we improve our communication? I want to help him understand my triggers better and I want to learn tools to control my fight or flight responses when I get stressed and triggered. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, [name]