How to get your life started! Listen and get going! Also: As a Jew how do i push back against the JQ conspiracy? What curriculum do you use for homeschooling? What are your thoughts on the classical model? Just turned 32 Saskatchewan, its hard. Feel like I'm walking in the skeleton of an economy. Empty houses empty uranium mines empty farms empty lives. Any advice for sum1 who can't afford therapy and is digging thru podcasts to understand his own history? You may have done videos on this already but Iā€™m looking for some ways to navigate relationships with semi abusive parents in late teens/early 20ā€™s for myself and others. Thanks for all you do!! If you had to fight Mike Tyson, what would you do? How do you justify the life of the mother exception for abortion since these cases happen?? (cancer treatment will kill baby). It seems that this places the baby/fetus at a lower person status. THX I'm 28 and struggle with energy. Sleep is crucial. I learned that the hard way by not doing so when I was over the road Trucking. Messed me up Stefan I try to get conversation going about freedom from coercion, and ideals such as UPB. Somehow I'm generally viewed as the bad guy because, to my opposition, I'm trying to keep others from vital resources. (healthcare) I know that you are an atheist. However I often feel that God is working with you. You're a intelligent and brave man. Thanks for all you do! Bitcoin up over 50% since Sherman spoke! Why do we discourage smoking and drinking if it's truly 'my body my choice'? I'm a 25yo single male working a high paying/in demand job (I hate) to be able to provide for a much wanted future family. At what point do I change careers for my sanity, but lose the stability of my current field? What happens to a dream deferred... Stef, how do I deal with incessant irrational rage? It's crippling my relationships. Sometimes I can't even speak with people, and I often prefer being alone so I don't get annoyed with anyone. Hi Stefan. Do you think it would change anything (in terms of wanting to bridge our differences) if politics, philosophy and business would be conducted in baths like the Romans did? Thank you. Stef in New Zealand. Call yourself Stefan Polyneux! What will you do if your daughter falls in love with a man of another ethnicity? Expat for 9 yrs, family is coming for a 1st visit (dad, his wife and 2 half siblings) stepmom is awful but I love other 3. How to deal w/ integrity? Future seems increasingly uncertain, rise of socialism, gov power, automation, war, ability to get a partner seems low based on hypergamy. What free time activities make a man well-rounded? Is going Galt cowardice? Been working very hard ata stressful job in Canada, an ever more redistributionist and inflationary country. Maybe it's just the harsh spring talking... thank you for the best content out there. You ruined my childhood with your whole, "Hold your parents accountable for their actions, BS.". Love the show. Keep it up. šŸ˜ƒ Do you know why is everyone calling Vox Day, "Teddy Spaghetti"? Have you subscribed to Unauthorized yet? Hey Stefan! thanks for all the work you do. I like your old videos on the coming economic crisis, would love to hear your thoughts on starting a family in the face of serious turbulance. Beast system: no one can buy or sell without mark. Rising surveillance, banks won't work with people who "think wrong". China point system Anhedonia has left me really directionless, depressed and difficult to find serious motivation for nearly anything and I am struggling to not succumb to despair. Recommendations? Speaking of BitCoin, my uncle mentioned that he thinks that governments will inevitably ban something that could challenge fiat currency. I am skeptical but what are your thoughts? FYI Billie Eilish's brother is a huge leftist... ā–¶ļø Donate Now: ā–¶ļø Sign Up For Our Newsletter: Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: ā–¶ļø 1. Donate: ā–¶ļø 2. Newsletter Sign-Up: ā–¶ļø 3. On YouTube: Subscribe, Click Notification Bell ā–¶ļø 4. Subscribe to the Freedomain Podcast: ā–¶ļø 5. Follow Freedomain on Alternative Platforms šŸ”“ Bitchute: šŸ”“ Minds: šŸ”“ Steemit: šŸ”“ Gab: šŸ”“ Twitter: šŸ”“ Facebook: šŸ”“ Instagram: