Question 1: [1:45] – “Have your experiences with libertarians completely turned you away from libertarianism as a political philosophy? I understand you have had differences with libertarians as people, however does this mean that you no longer believe in anarchism/voluntaryism?” Question 2: [1:03:25] – “How can a woman who is trying to date a man who has gone MGTOW convert him back to normal and help him come back to the dating world? This is a person I care about very much and watching him cross into this territory is upsetting. To clarify, I don't think he knows expressly what MGTOW is, but he is following the same MGTOW patterns that you have described in your videos and is doing so for the reasons you would expect. You seem like someone who can at the very least give me idea of what to do. How can I help him climb off of this slippery slope?" Question 3: [2:33:21] – “Stefan often says that it is a great hypocrisy of libertarian, pro-free market professors to teach in state-sponsored colleges and fund their ventures with state money. It is obviously true from truth/false point of view; however, the question remains whether it would actually be good of them to cease teaching in state colleges. If they did so immediately, the colleges and their students would lose a lot of good lectures, which, if only slightly, help fight against the leftist narratives. Moreover, the professors themselves, especially the less accomplished ones, would find themselves in a tough financial situation, sacrificing much of their personal income. Just how much merit is there in those professors staying in colleges vs. leaving them?” Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: