Question 1: [1:47] - "I was born into Christian homeschooling family and many similar families with shared values were around me in my formative years. How much of religious thinking is K selected individuals using non empirical methods to justify something they instinctively know is wrong - but last the empirical data to validate?” Question 2: [1:36:00] - “I’ve listened to several of your podcast that address motivation. However, I feel that I am a special case because instead of desperately trying to discover what I am good at, I am actually good at quite a few different things. I’m somewhat of a renaissance man with a strong interest in video production, music, writing, philosophy, psychology, personal/spiritual development, and even have great concept for a fun bar. My problem is that I am having a very hard time deciding which direction to focus my energy so that I can be the most successful and fulfilled. Feeling fulfilled and that my work has meaning is more important than money to me so I find myself being pulled in many directions. My question is, with a wide range of skills and interests, how do I decide which one to pursue professionally?” Question 3: [2:13:50] - “Although there have been many benefits of Western Imperialism - would defending it contradict our defense of limited government? I'm not an anti-colonialist by any means, but I'm not quite sure how to discuss imperialism without sounding like a hypocrite.” Question 4: [2:43:00] - “In history there have been philosophers and self-proclaimed atheists like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche who championed the ideas of free will. Today, secularism has become a mainstream ideologue in the State but I feel it has lost the way to what its original intentions were supposed to be. Atheists no longer care at all about encouraging freedom of expression but instead support a dogma of supporting a totalitarian state where slavery for the sake of equality is more important than anything else. As a Libertarian, can we find anyway to reconcile with those who support the totalitarian state, or do we need to find those who can join us together in the cause fighting the morally bankrupt Obama Administration regardless of who they are?”