The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest and more fiercely debated issues within science. So what exactly is the nature versus nurture debate all about? Do genetic or environmental factors have a greater influence on your behavior? Do inherited traits or life experiences play a greater role in shaping your personality? Dr. Nancy Segal and Stefan Molyneux discuss the reality of the nature vs. nurture debate, the genetic heritability of Intelligence (IQ), personality, sexual orientation and what we have learned from twins studies in this areas. Dr. Nancy Segal is the Professor of Psychology at California State University, and Director of the Twin Studies Center. She is the author of many books including, Born Together-Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study. For more, go to: To order a copy of "Born Together - Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study," go to: http:/ Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: